Dementia Diagnosis

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Dementia Diagnosis is the topic of my discussion on What is Dementia today. Dementia Diagnosis is something that is very necessary to be known. May be useful.

Here are some diagnosis for Dementia:

Nursing Diagnosis for dementia

a. Relocation stress syndrome associated with changes in the activities of daily life is marked by confusion, concern, anxiety, looking anxious, irritable, defensive behavior, mental disorder, suspicious behavior, and aggressive behavior.
b. Changes in thought process related to physiological changes (irreversible neuronal degeneration) is characterized by loss of memory or memory, lost concentration, unable to interpret the stimulation and assess reality accurately.
c. Changes in sensory perception associated with changes in perception, transmission or sensory integration (neurological disease, unable to communicate, sleep disorders, pain) is characterized by anxiety, apathy, anxiety, hallucinations.
d. Changes in sleep patterns associated with changes in the environment characterized by verbal complaints about difficulty sleeping, constantly awake, unable to determine the needs / sleep time.
e. Lack of self-care related to activity intolerance, decreased endurance and strength characterized by decreased ability to perform daily activities.
f. The risk of injury associated with balance difficulties, weakness, uncoordinated muscle, seizure activity.
g. The risk of changes in nutrition more than body requirements related to forgetfulness, decline hobby, perubahn sensory.

hopefully my brief discussion today about Dementia Diagnosis can add insight and useful for you.

What is Dementia
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