Dementia Symptoms

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Dementia Symptoms is the title of our discussion What is Dementia this time. Hopefully this discussion gives a good benefit.

Most cases of dementia are Alzheimer's dementia. The older a person will be more prone to develop dementia. Forgetfulness categorized as early stage dementia. An early symptom that arise and are difficult to detect. Patients forget about the events that just happened. But still can remember events that happened a long time, such as childhood. This is because the decline of intellectual abilities.

In the second stage of dementia, elderly regressed language skills, motor activity and recognition of objects. It is characterized by the inability of seniors to think about complicated things. Often they find it difficult to convey what they think. While in the terminal stages of the process of dementia, is characterized by the inability of seniors to coordinate the work of the body, one example occurred urinary incontinence.

Classic symptoms of Alzheimer's disease dementia is memory loss (memory) happens gradually, including the difficulty of finding or mention of the word, is not able to recognize the object, forgetting how to use plain and simple objects, such as pencils, forgot to turn off the stove, close the window or shut door, mood and personality may change, agitation, trouble with memory, and made ​​a bad decision can lead to unusual behavior.

According to scientists are (Nugroho, 2008), Dementia symptoms are highly variable and individual. Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease stages can occur in different, can be faster or slower. Symptoms are not always an Alzheimer's disease, but if the symptoms last more frequent and real, to consider the possibility of Alzheimer's disease

That is all my discussion of Dementia Symptoms in this time. Hopefully my discussion on What is Dementia helpful for you. keep the spirit and optimism

What Is Dementia
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