Dementia Care

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Dementia care
Dementia care is the topic of my discussion on What is Dementia today. in my view, dementia care is something that is very important to know.

The concept of nursing care for dementia include :

1. assessment
2. Nursing Diagnosis

Psychological and physical treatments exist for the symptoms of dementia include cognitive stimulation, behavioral therapy, multisensory stimulation, therapeutic exercise and medications such as antipsychotics. Unfortunately, not all forms of dementia can be avoided by taking preventive steps in your lifestyle, although some measures may help prevent vascular dementia. 

By eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, getting enough exercise, do not smoke and drink only in moderation you can go a long way to prevent vascular form of this debilitating condition. 

That's a few things that I can explain the dementia care. May be useful to you.

What is Dementia
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