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Define Dementia is the title of our discussion this time. I am in the blog What is Dementia at this time tried to lift it, may be useful for you. 

In general, the definition of Dementia is a syndrome of progressive decline in intellectual ability that causes deterioration of cognition and function, resulting in impaired social functioning, work and activities of daily living (Alzheimer's Association of Indonesia, 2003). 

Dementia can be defined as cognitive and memory disorder that can affect daily activities. People with dementia often show some disruption and changes in daily behavior (behavioral symptoms) that interfere with (disruptive) or do not disturb (non-disruptive) (Volicer, L., Hurley, AC, Mahoney, E. 1998). Grayson (2004) states that dementia is not just a common disease, but a collection of symptoms caused by some disease or condition resulting in changes in personality and behavior.

Dementia is a syndrome due to brain disease, usually chronic or progressive, with a variety of disorders of the body function more general memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning, language, and power values​​. According to The National Institutes of Health Criteria for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease, stress factors can lead to loss of cognitive function, including memory loss is unlimited. Dementia is a general deterioration of intellectual function that interferes with social and occupational functioning. The syndrome is characterized by irreversible and progressive cerebral dysfunction (senile dementia of the Alzheimer Type [SDAT]) or commonly known as Alzheimer's disease. 

Dementia is a clinical syndrome that includes loss of memory and intellectual functions, causing such severe dysfunction of daily life - days. Dementia is a condition when a person experiences memory loss and other thinking power which significantly interfere with activities of daily living (Nugroho, 2008).

That is the definition of dementia. I hope this discussion can add your insights. Continue to think optimistic and healthy living. 

What is Dementia
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